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All of our Yak meat is home bred and reared by us here in Cheshire. 
Meat is frozen and available for collection from our home by prior arrangement.

Please note, we do not have the facilities to deliver meat by mail.

Yak Beef tastes very similar to 'normal' beef, but is very low in cholesterol and high in Omega-3.  We love the juicy burgers and the tender steaks!  Why not try some via our social distancing click and collect service.  Treat yourself - you deserve it!

Best Yak Burgers Pack of 8
£10   SOLD OUT

Best Yak Mince 500g

Best Yak Mince 1kg

YakSirloin Steak Pack of 2 (Approx 400 g)
 £14      SOLD OUT

Yak Rump Steak Single Large (Approx 13 oz)
£11.50   SOLD OUT

Yak Frying/Minute Steak (Approx 475g)
£9.15    SOLD OUT

Yak Pot Roast Joint (1 - 1.5kg)
£13.50 - 20.25 (depending on joint size)         SOLD OUT

Yak Silverside Joint  (1kg - 2.2kg)
£17-37.40 (depending on joint size) SOLD OUT

Yak Brisket Joint (1.1 - 2.3kg)
£14.50 - 30 (depending on joint size)             SOLD OUT)SOLD OUT

Yak Braising/BBQ Steak 
(450g - 1kg)
£5.95 -13.25 (depending on pack size)   


Please email or call us with your order and we will calculate exact prices for you where pack sizes vary. 
Payment prior to collection by BACS please.  Sort code 40-47-60 Account no 90270970. 
Free local delivery possible for orders over £50.

For more information email: info@ukyakfarm.co.uk


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